Canadian Grown & Produced

As a proud Canadian company, we source our non-GMO yellow peas and canola from Western Canadian growers – providing the food and beverage industry a made-in-Canada plant protein solution for products such as plant-based ice cream, meat and dairy alternatives, protein bars, and more!

We’re excited to work with our grower partners to build value-added supply chains for their crops. We think that everyone deserves plant protein with merit – and our trusted growers are critical contributors to this mission. Together, we can bring Canadian grown protein to a world hungry for change!

Why partner with Merit Functional Foods?

Our roots are firmly planted in Winnipeg, MB.
Our founders and seasoned management team provide leadership and experience in Farm Operations and Manufacturing.
We bring value to Canadian growers with competitive contracts for organic/non-organic yellow peas and Non-GMO Project Verified canola.
Along with our industry leading contracting partner, Pitura Seeds, we collaborate with growers to build mutually beneficial long-term relationships.
Manitoba has access to renewable hydroelectric power, which we use to fuel our state-of-the-art facility.
We are producing the world’s first high-purity, Non-GMO Project Verified canola protein, which provides a new value-added revenue stream for growers in Western Canada.
We produce premium allergen friendly protein ingredients to help manufacturers meet increasing consumer demand for gluten and soy free products.

Interested in
growing with us?

Follow the link for more information. Thank you for your interest!