What applications are suitable for Merit’s canola protein?

Our line of Puratein® canola protein is a premium plant protein with highly functional properties suitable for use in everything from egg free bakery applications, and ice cream alternatives, to plant-based meat, soy free vegan marshmallows, and more! Visit our canola protein product pages to learn more.

What is the protein content of Merit’s canola ingredients?

Our line of Puratein® canola protein have a purity level of over 90% protein.

Is Merit’s canola protein made from GMO canola seeds?

Our Puratein® canola protein ingredients are made from non-GMO canola grown in western Canada.

When was Merit established?

Our solutions-based food ingredients company was established in 2019, with construction of our 94,000 square-foot facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba, completed in December 2020. We manufacture and sell the highest purity pea and canola proteins available for use in food and beverage applications.

Why was the Merit facility built in Winnipeg, MB?

Our founders are proud Manitobans who want to support their local community. The choice to build in Winnipeg was a strategic decision, taking into consideration the availability of skilled labor and proximity to where we source our raw materials on the Canadian prairies. This closeness to the source means we produce only the highest quality plant protein ingredients. The fewer miles ingredients travel prior to production, the better they are for our planet and its people.

What kind of peas does Merit use in the production of its pea protein?

Our pea protein is made from organic and non-GMO yellow peas grown in western Canada.

What sets Merit’s pea protein apart from others on the market?

Our proprietary extraction and membrane filtration technology results in highly functional pea and canola protein with superior taste, texture, and nutrition – unlike anything else currently available on the market.

What applications are suitable for Merit’s pea protein?

Our superior pea protein unlocks better plant-based dairy alternatives including, cheese, cream cheese, yogurt, and beverages. It’s also the perfect ingredient solution for lifestyle nutrition products such as ready-to-drink beverages, ready-to-mix beverages, and protein bars. Visit our pea protein product pages to learn more.

How are your proteins processed?

Merit employs proprietary extraction and membrane filtration technology to produce the highest quality and purity protein available to formulators. This, paired with our team of industry-leading R&D, quality, and food safety professionals, enables Merit to exceed industry standards for plant protein.

What is the annual capacity of the Merit facility?

Our facility has the flexibility to run both pea and canola, with initial requirements of 25,000 tonnes of raw materials. Merit was built with the future in mind, having the potential to expand capacity as the demand for plant protein grows, increasing our raw material requirement to more than 100,000 tonnes per year.

Where does Merit source their peas and canola?

Our product portfolio consists of exclusively Western Canadian grown non-GMO pea and canola protein ingredients, offering unmatched purity, exceptional taste, and excellent solubility. See our Sustainability page for more information.

What energy sources are used at the Merit facility?

Manitoba has access to renewable hydroelectric power, which we use to fuel our state-of-the-art facility.

How can I get samples of Merit’s pea and canola proteins or concepts?

Complete the form on our Sales Inquiries page and a Merit Sales Rep will contact you to discuss your request.

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