Puratein® Canola Protein

As a novel plant-based protein source, our line-up of Puratein® canola protein present unique opportunities for manufacturers. While other attempts to extract protein from canola have formed dark and bitter product, our proprietary technology creates a clean protein ingredient with a neutral flavor profile that offers excellent solubility and stability over a range of pH levels.


The industry’s only non-GMO canola protein

90% Protein

High purity levels

Neutral Taste

For seamless integration into your formulation

Merit’s proprietary canola protein extraction process is solvent & hexane-free , and starts by cold-pressing non-GMO seeds.

Protein is extracted at low temperatures to keep flavor and nutrients intact, for a high-quality canola protein.

Meeting a growing demand

The retail market for plant-based alternative foods is exploding: growing 54% since 2019 to $7.4 billion, with plant-based food sales growing three times faster than total food sales in 2021! In order to succeed in this market, formulators must seek out unique ingredients that satisfy consumer demands. We’re proud to be the world’s first supplier to offer high-purity, non-GMO, food-grade canola protein for plant-based protein bars, ready-to-mix protein powder, and meat and dairy alternatives.

Puratein® C

Canola protein with a purity level of over 90% protein, offering a unique combination of high oil binding capacity and low water binding capacity, and a complementary amino acid profile to pea protein which enables a PDCAAS of 1.0*

  • Plant-based Protein Bars
  • Ready-to-mix Protein Powder
  • High-protein Pancake Mix
  • Egg Free Cookies

Puratein® G

Canola protein with a purity level of over 90% protein, offering functional properties like high thermal gelation, oil binding and emulsification.

  • Meat alternatives such as sausages and burgers
  • Egg free baked goods

Puratein® HS

Canola protein with a purity level of over 90% protein, offering high whipping, foaming and solubility, with low viscosity.

  • Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts
  • Plant-based Yogurt
  • Egg Free Mayo

Sustainably sourced
plant protein.

Did you know that where your plant protein is sourced and made has a significant impact on carbon footprint?

At Merit Functional Foods, we’re committed to sustainability and improved outcomes for our planet. That’s why we’re working so tirelessly to develop plant proteins that can change the way the world’s consumers get their protein—a necessary nutrient. 

We strive to create high-quality proteins, carefully produced and extracted from Canadian-sourced peas and canola, that can feed the world and improve the life of our planet and our planet’s people.