Merit Functional Foods Makes Organic Plant Protein More Accessible with Launch of New Ingredient

Organic Peazazz C™ 850 has superior taste and purity due to proprietary membrane filtration technology

WINNIPEG, Manitoba (December 8, 2022) – Merit Functional Foods is setting a new standard for transparency and sustainability in the plant protein market with the launch of its first USDA Certified Organic protein ingredient, Organic Peazazz C™ 850. 

The new organic ingredient offers brands an option that is fully traceable back to the farm, grown on Canadian soil with organic peas and produced at Merit’s Winnipeg-based facility. It provides plant-based food and beverage formulators with key functional and nutritional benefits, including solubility, viscosity, texture improvement, low sodium, with minimum of 85% protein. Additionally, like all of Merit’s ingredients, Organic Peazazz C™ 850 undergoes a proprietary membrane filtration process that unlocks superior taste, texture, and nutrition.

“Organic protein is undoubtedly more laborious, as it requires stricter growing processes, stringent regulations, and unique filtration processes to get it right,” Merit Co-CEO Ryan Bracken said. “For that reason, Certified Organic options are scarce in the market with limited availability. But because of the consumer demand for alternative protein sources, we have put in the work to make organic pea protein scalable, accessible, and the highest quality to meet this growing market. Our unique membrane filtration process makes this premium option possible, meaning that now, organic protein tastes and functions better than ever before.”

Organic crops are grown and processed in alignment with guidelines for soil quality, pest and weed control, additive use, and more. It is often linked with ecological balance and biodiversity, key drivers in the sustainability movement in the food industry.

“Many consumers link organic ingredients and sustainability, and both are important to the future of the protein space,” Bracken said. “All of Merit’s ingredients are grown and produced on the Western Canadian prairies, which means better sustainability through a reduction in food miles traveled from field to table.”

Merit’s Organic Peazazz C™850 is USDA Certified Organic by Ecocert, providing brands with a trusted source of organic pea protein

“A huge part of our commitment and reason for existence is not to just produce better performing plant protein ingredients, but also ones that are better for the planet,” Bracken said. “Our Certified Organic pea protein is just one way we’re doing that.”

Organic Peazazz C™ 850 is available now for use in ready-to-drink beverages, protein bars, ready-to-mix protein powder, dairy alternatives, and more.

For additional information about Merit Functional Foods, visit its website.

About Merit Functional Foods

Established in 2019, Merit Functional Foods is a Canadian company committed to exceeding expectations for plant-based protein, providing the market with the highest quality protein ingredients and blends that offer unmatched purity, exceptional taste, and excellent solubility. Merit has built a 94,000 square foot state-of-the-art production facility in Winnipeg, where it produces a portfolio of non-GMO canola and pea protein ingredients with exceptional functional and nutritional values. For more information, visit

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